CDN Pricing

There are two available plans for use with CDN: the Free Plan and the Standard Plan. The Free Plan costs nothing, ever. The Standard Plan includes a limited amount of free bandwidth, and more may be purchased in the shop.

The Free Plan

The Free Plan is the simplest way to get started with It includes:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • A selection of PoPs in North American and Europe
  • Basic security
  • Recent traffic analytics

Plus, it’s Free!

The Standard Plan

Power users will enjoy the features of’s Standard Plan:

Standard Plan: Free Credits

The quantity of free credits given under the Standard Plan is determined by Tier. You get credits equivalent to the cost of bandwidth shown in the chart below, based on pricing in the North American region. If the cost of bandwidth in North America changes, the number of credits you receive will change accordingly.

Example: If North American traffic costs 10 credits/GB, then sites in the LiteSpeed Enterprise tier get enough credits to buy 10 GB of North American traffic, or 100 credits.

Note: North America is used only to determine the number of free credits you get. You can use the credits in any region you wish.

Tier Free Credits Equivalent to NA Traffic
10 credits
LiteSpeed Server
50 credits
LiteSpeed Enterprise
100 credits
10GB Hosting Partner coming soon
200 credits
Free credits do not roll over at the end of the month. Free credit resets on the first day of every month.

Find Your Free Tier

Tier 1: Basic

Your site is running on a server that is not a LiteSpeed server. This may be Apache, nginx, or something else.

Tier 2: LiteSpeed Server​

We have detected a LiteSpeed response header on your site. Free credit is 5x Basic Tier.

Tier 3: LiteSpeed Server Enterprise

Your site is running on LiteSpeed Enterprise. Free credit is 10x Basic Tier.

Tier 4: Hosting Partner​

Your site is hosted with a Partner. Free credit is 20x Basic Tier.

Standard Plan: Pay as You Go

Product Cost
1 Refill Unit
1,000 credits
Pay-as-you-go credits do not reset every month. They remain available until they are used up. Credits are deducted from user account balance upon allocation to the CDN service.

Standard Plan: Regional Pricing

Region Credit Cost/GB
North America
20 credits/GB 10 credits/GB*
20 credits/GB 10 credits/GB*
40 credits/GB20 credits/GB* +
Latin America
80 credits/GB40 credits/GB*
80 credits/GB 40 credits/GB*
80 credits/GB 40 credits/GB*
Middle East
80 credits/GB 40 credits/GB*
80 credits/GB 40 credits/GB*

Note: Discounted regional pricing under the Standard Plan is in effect from July 1, 2021 until December 31, 2021. All regional rates are 50% off, as shown in the table above. Further discounts may apply, if purchasing credits in bulk. Read more about Standard Plan regional pricing.

+ Russia is processed as a separate region from Europe as it has its own set of content rules different from the rest of Europe.

It is our goal to keep prices as low as possible. We reserve the right to adjust these rates up or down in the future.

Standard Plan: Credit Costs

Credit Cost
5,000 credits
12,000 credits
25,000 credits
130,000 credits

Earn Credits Through Social Sharing!