QUIC and HTTP/3 Service

QUIC.cloud is the first and only CDN capable of using QUIC & HTTP/3 to connect from client to server. It takes full advantage of LiteSpeed’s open source LSQUIC implementation by using HTTP/3 both as a server and as a client. This enables visitors to utilize HTTP/3 and QUIC, but also capitalizes on origin servers that have HTTP/3 and QUIC available.

With this technology, QUIC.cloud is extremely flexible with its ability to multiplex client requests as well as server requests.

QUIC.cloud keeps your WordPress site on the cutting edge by utilizing the latest Internet technologies, like QUIC and HTTP/3.

How It Works

If supported by the browser, an HTTP/3 connection is made to QUIC.cloud.

If supported by the backend server, QUIC.cloud connects to the server via HTTP/3.

QUIC.cloud serves your domain to visitors via QUIC and HTTP/3 from end to end.


QUIC and HTTP/3 are built into the CDN service. There may be fees associated with CDN use depending on your plan, but there is no additional charge for QUIC or HTTP/3.

Join Forces with QUIC.cloud

Team up with QUIC.cloud! If you are interested in donating a node, using our service in your own product development, or even if you are a CDN service interested in collaboration, we want to hear from you! In return, you will be helping your own customers and getting your name seen by our QUIC.cloud users. It’s a win-win!