Brute Force Attack Protection has a built-in WordPress protection system that mitigates large-scale brute force attacks. Such attacks usually target the wp-login.php and xmlrpc.php pages with repeated attempts to guess a valid username and password. Such attacks can be relentless and have the potential to bring down entire servers!

Security-conscious site admins have been protecting themselves with various WordPress plugins since the first time somebody got hacked. And while plugins have their place, nothing beats the speed and efficiency of stopping attackers at the CDN level.

How It Works

Attackers target the login pages with repeated attempts to guess a valid username and password.

The level of protection is configurable by number of login attempts and type of mitigation. WordPress Brute Force Attack Protection is ready to thwart the attempts.


Brute Force Protection is a built-in CDN service and is only available to Standard Plan users. There are fees associated with CDN use, but there is no additional cost to protect your WordPress site from Brute Force Attack.

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