Content Delivery Network (CDN)’s CDN service is custom built on top of LiteSpeed’s state-of-the-art software infrastructure.

Backed by experts in web serving software, combines the latest web serving technologies, the best performing cache for WordPress, and solid security protections. delivers a global content delivery network for WordPress users that is unrivaled in the industry.

How It Works

It takes time to get content from a server’s physical location at Point A to a visitors’s location at Point B.

A CDN mitigates the distance problem and takes over the burden of managing duplicate sets of static files. CDN goes even further by also caching and delivering dynamic WordPress content across the globe.


There are two ways to use CDN.

Free Plan: a simple, no-cost plan with unlimited bandwidth, across selected PoPs. 100% free, no hidden costs.

Standard Plan: a full-service global plan with advanced security features, monthly free credits, and regional pricing.

Standard Plan Tiers*

Monthly free CDN data allowance
Tier Free Quota
LiteSpeed Server
LiteSpeed Enterprise
10GB Hosting Partner

* When you choose the Standard Plan, your domain is assigned a Tier, and you get a monthly free CDN data allowance determined by that Tier.

Standard Plan Pay as You Go

Under the Standard Plan, the cost of bandwidth varies by region.
Use credits to purchase additional bandwidth as needed.

Region Cost/GB
North America
10 credits
10 credits
20 credits
Latin America
40 credits
40 credits
40 credits
Middle East
40 credits
40 credits

Please see the Pricing Page for details.

Join Forces with

Team up with! If you are interested in donating a node, using our service for product development, or even if you are a CDN service interested in collaboration, we want to hear from you! In return, you will help your own customers and get your name seen by our users. It’s a win-win!